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This is my account for personal blogs, rants, and other things I'm interested in.


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Christian • Linux lover • https://bn4t.me

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I'm @y6nH on im-in.space (and GitHub, etc.) I code some web stuff and dabble in design. I make music and pictures sometimes.

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Ten control de tu vida, ese es el verdadero significado de Karma

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一色いろは / 渋谷凛 / 遠坂凛 / 食蜂操祈 / 佐々原三月
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Dedicated #Linux user, #FSF member, professional #musician, #sysadmin, and founder of #NixNet, a collection of services I run free of charge available to anyone.

💬 XMPP: amolith@nixnet.xyz
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👤 Pronouns: he/him/his

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会いたいのですが、めったにPawooを使いません。 ここに書いてください - http://badoogirls.com ニックネーム 「HanakoKiss」 Write me here - http://badoogirls.com Nickname "HanakoKiss"