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juche.town instance review (Pleroma)

Imagine a leftist Gab

PeerTube instance megareview

In light of new YouTube restrictions on hacking content, I've written up an introduction to PeerTube, as well as many instances you may want to join.

nixnet.xyz instance review (Mastodon, Plume, and Nextcloud)

This is the first smaller instance (~20 users) I've reviewed. Short review: highly recommend.

peertube.social instance review (PeerTube)

A review of peertube.social, a popular PeerTube instance

switter.at instance review (Mastodon)

A review of switter.at, the Mastodon instance for sex workers

mastodon.social instance review (Mastodon)

A review of mastodon.social, the second-most popular (and surprisingly controversial) instance on the Fediverse

pawoo.net instance review (Mastodon)

A review of the pawoo.net instance, the most popular instance on the Fediverse.

Who am I?  Why am I here?

An introductory post explaining the purpose of this blog.