instance review (Mastodon, Plume, and Nextcloud)

This is the first smaller instance (~20 users) I've reviewed. Short review: highly recommend.

NixNet is a website running a collection of FLOSS services that are available for free (similar to Framasoft, but on a smaller scale). NixNet currently runs instances of:

  • XMPP
  • Mastodon
  • Gitea
  • Nextcloud
  • Searx
  • Taiga
  • CodiMD
  • PrivateBin
  • Plume
  • Mumble
  • Wireguard
  • Firefly III
  • wallabag
  • BookStack
  • Framadate
  • RSS-Bridge

While all of these are great and useful, only Mastodon, Plume, and Nextcloud are currently focused on for this blog, so those are the ones I'll be reviewing here.

General is a small (20 users at the time of writing) public server. It's a generalistic instance, but most users are interested in FLOSS and Linux. The instance is run by and also administrated by

Due to the small instance size, the local timeline is pretty slow (just a few dozen posts per day), and the federated timeline is browsable (a few posts per minute). This makes for a more relaxed and comfortable experience.


NSFW content is allowed, as long as it's marked as such. Nazism, Holocaust denial are not allowed (as they're illegal in Germany). Harassment is also not allowed. The full Terms of Service can be read here.

These same rules also apply to the Plume instance.


The Nextcloud instance allows 10GB of initial storage. It includes the following Nextcloud apps:

  • Files
  • Mail
  • Contacts
  • Talk
  • Calandar
  • Notes
  • Deck
  • Tasks
  • Carnet
  • Gallery
  • Polls

While this instance isn't hosted on a very fast connection, so it's probably not a good choice for long-term storage and sharing of files, it is a good open instance to check out some of Nextcloud's features.

Information Table

Condition Yes/No
Open Registrations ✔️
Porn allowed ✔️
Porn required to be marked NSFW ✔️
Doesn't block many other instances ✔️
Isn't blocked by many other instances ✔️
Bans hate speech ✔️
No "Premium" tiers ✔️

Note: while I intend to be neutral here, I've written this section where ✔️ is the value that I agree with (so each ✔️ is better, in my view)

Support the Instance

NixNet accepts donations on Liberapay.

Suggestions? How could I make these reviews better? Instances I should review next? Please leave a comment.

Note: the large amount of tags is for use in sorting the instances. This use will be more apparent when there are more instance reviews published.