instance review (PeerTube)

A review of, a popular PeerTube instance

Note: this instance, unlike most I intend to review, has closed registration. However, allows registration by contacting the admin, and normal registrations are only closed to prevent spam.

General is an instance of PeerTube, operated by and moderated by and It's mainly for leftist content, but most content that's not political is also accepted. Advertisements aren't allowed, but accepting donations is. Pornography and copyright infringement are also not allowed on the instance.

Instance settings/features's instance settings (NSFW videos hidden, User registration disabled, Video uploads don't require manual verification by moderators, Transcoding videos in multiple resolutions is supported, HTTP import is not supported, Torrent import is not supported, P2P video sharing is enabled, and the video quota is Unlimited, but with a 500MB/day cap)

My thoughts

I've uploaded some videos to and the experience is about as good as PeerTube can get (decent upload speeds, and streaming works OK). is peered with many other PeerTube instances (at the time of writing, around 128), so if you upload there, your content is spread far around the PeerTube network. In addition, the instance isn't blocked by many Mastodon or Pleroma instances, so uploaded videos can be shared and commented on there, too.

Therefore, if you'd like to share your videos on the PeerTube network, I'd definitely recommend creating an account here. The unlimited quota is especially nice (most PeerTube instances don't have it, and the instances that do usually use shady monetization techniques).

Should you block this instance? As a PeerTube admin, should you follow it?

As an administrator, you should not block this instance. The instance's moderation team takes care of abuse effectively, and the content shared isn't spammy. As a PeerTube admin, I'd recommend following it, as the sketchier side of PeerTube isn't present in this instance's content.

Which instances should I review next? Please suggest in the comments.