Mme Smiled

Mme wanted to write crime novels,
Always had a grudging smile.
She hated police procedurals,
To her they were always drole.

When she went with me,
And my girlfriend,
To ride the land and sea,
She watched her last movies,
Before we sailed by land
And sea.

Nous rode hills and cliffs,
Mme was so sleepy, yet she only smiled.
She didn’t want me to date,
She wanted me to find a Nice girl.
When she knew it was her time
To go,

She didn’t tell me she was dying,
If I told vous I knew that,
I’d be lying.

She tossed herself off the cliff,
She wanted to die on her own terms,
Not by cancer.
Quand je found a Nice girl,
From Nice,
That est elle from our trip,
I often wonder whether I’d see,
My Mme smiling free.

A true good and honest smile.
And when me and my la fille kissed,
I felt relief and joy,
I felt I could see Mme smile.
Indeed! My girlfriend said,

“You should have seen her smile.”
A smile for moi et la fille from Nice.