Nightly Statues

I have two things,
I have two things from long ago.
Yet for me I balk at the statues from long ago.
They mock me in sleep,

They mock me in sleep in my dreams.
For reality is there for the taking,

As they rip seams.
Their scepters are sharpened,
They cut through you to the bone.
They seek no repentance,

They seek no atone.
Their nightly gaze is upon me,
Upon me as I try to sleep.
Beware the shadow statues,

As I try not to weep.
There is no morning tea,
No more morning life.
I seek the darkness,
As it envelopes my life.

Their scepters have a sharpened edge,
As they push me off the waking edge.
Beware the shadow men,
With their sharpened edge.