Top 5 Pay Per Call Marketing Networks

we are here to discuss the top 5 pay per call advertisement networks. If you are not well-aware of this sort of marketing, this article is going to help you a lot.

We will learn what pay per call advertisement is and what benefits pay per call advertisement has to offer.

Along with that, we will also know about the top 5 networks or agencies who are providing these services of pay per call advertisement across the world in a reasonable price with the quality work.

What is Pay per Call Advertisement?

The pay per call is a method of advertisement in which we usually market phone numbers of businesses through different means to a targeted audience. As a result of this campaign, we receive calls from the potential customers directly on our business phone numbers. In business terms, it is called generating the leads.

In this campaign, we advertise on those channels and platforms where people are looking for the solution providers and the campaign will run specific ads by mentioning the business phone numbers.

Who should use Pay per Call Advertisement?

Mostly, the service based business owners are using this sort of advertisement campaigns, Such as Dentists, Lawyers and Car Rentals.

However, the use is not limited to the service based businesses only. You can use pay per call advertisement for all sort of businesses. It will help you to get your phone continuously ringing and you will have the opportunity to convert potential buyers into happy clients.

How Affiliate Marketers Use Pay per Call Advertisements?

There are several marketing agencies that use this medium to provide leads to their customers. They advertise through a call forwarding number that directs callers to the real phone number of business. This is to avoid spam calls to the clients. The affiliate marketers charge commission for every potential customer call.

If you want a considerable growth in your business, you may hire a pay per call advertisement agency and they will generate leads for you, taking their commission out of every call.

Top 5 Pay per Call Advertisement Networks

There are plenty of pay per call advertisement networks who provide the same services across the world at reasonable prices, but today we will discuss the top 5 most famous and reliable companies that will help you grow your business quickly.



Revenue Vault is an advertisement agency that provides pay per call affiliate marketing services by charging very reasonably. Their services are smooth, swift and the best in the town.

If you have a law firm, nursing practice area or any service based business to advertise in your local area and you want people to call you directly instead of filling up any form or visiting your website then this advertisement network is the best way for you to go. Revenue Vault specifically deals in pay per call advertisement, as it is mentioned clearly on their website.

They have a very good reputation in the online industry. The satisfaction level of affiliate marketers as well as the publishers is amazing. Due to their best performance and professionalism, they are growing rapidly.

2.    LucraTel Pay Per Call Network

This is a pay per call network which belongs to a pay per call marketing agency. They will help you building up a creative marketing landing page where people will visit online and learn about your business before dialing your number.

They are good at Credit Repair, Debt, Home Security and Insurance (Auto, Life & Health), Real Estate, Solar, Tax, and several other likewise niches.

Their available payment terms are weekly, bi-weekly and on percentages. Currently, they have more than 500+ customers across the USA for who they are working and providing result oriented services.

3.    Aragon Advertising Pay Per Call Network

In marketing industry, Aragon pay per call network has been able to maintain their good reputation throughout the years. The quality of their services and the conversion rate are exceptional.

Thousands of calls are generated each month through PPC campaigns, and it has helped customer to achieve handsome growth in their businesses.

At Aragon Advertising Pay per Call Network, you can opt its directly owned offers as well as the affiliate marketers. Both are highly effective and generate handful amount of leads.

Aragon Advertising uses content marketing for their PPC campaigns. For this purpose, premium publishers are reached out to make the best out of their content. Aragon connects high paying advertisers with top-notch publishers. Therefore, the businesses get the ideal converts.


4.    Click Dealer

Click Dealer is one of the networks that also maintains one of the best CPA networks along with their pay per call services. The publishers, advertisers and agencies, all get benefited from it.

The publishers get lucrative verticals through competitive payouts, exclusive offers and more that helps business to grow quickly. Like Aragon, Click Dealer also entertains the premium publishers and world’s leading advertisers. If you’re looking for advance technology and expert marketing agencies to make partner for your business, Click Dealer will not disappoint you.


5.    Market Call

Market Call is another well-known pay per call marketing agency that connects the merchants and affiliates to get the best results for businesses. Market call has established itself in Real Estate, Insurance, Tech Support, Moving and Traveling. They have also come up with new verticals, such as home, apartment and car sales.

Market Call is good for optimizing cost. It provides landing pages to their customers as well. The integration is plain and simple that enables merchants to get a quick start. The dashboard is also easy to use and contains plenty of features. Moreover, you have to pay for qualified calls only. Market Call is one of the top pay per call networks.


Having said these, if you’re looking to get started with pay per call marketing, these networks are the best to start with. Pay per call is an effective way of gaining growth in business. You will meet with the best advertisers that will start working for your business. In months, you will notice a considerable difference in your sales. So, these are the top 5 companies that do the best in their field. Get their services and get the growth!